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Listen to Kathy Baughman McLeod explain how communities are addressing climate change in this podcast with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

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Kathy Baughman McLeod, director of the Atlantic Council's Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, joins Monica Trauzzi in this episode of “Off the Menu.” At Stellina Pizzeria in D.C.’s Union Market neighborhood, Kathy and Monica discuss how getting real about the risks of climate change will allow us to become more resilient.

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Kathy Baughman McLeod was interviewed on the Euromoney "Financing a Sustainable Planet" podcast series — listen to her clip.

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Kathy Baughman McLeod discusses climate change, resilience, fossil fuels, etc ahead of UN summit with TRT World News.

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Kathy Baughman McLeod was asked what the world will be like in 50 years by Quartz. Here’s what her answers tell us about the future. (reposted)

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On a recent trip to Antarctica with scientists studying the effects of climate change, Jeff Goodell witnessed a twenty-five-mile-by-forty-mile section of ice calve off West Antarctica and collapse into the sea. Even for Goodell, who has long written about the effects of climate change and is the author of “The Water Will Come,” a book that examines the impact of rising sea levels, this was “an eye-opening experience.”

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Signing up to help a billion people is an audacious goal. But that is exactly what the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center announced its intention to do today when we unveiled this new effort that builds on work The Rockefeller Foundation has been doing for more than a decade.

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The Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center is committed to reaching one billion people with resilience solutions to climate change, migration, and security by 2030. We will do this based on proven interventions that have demonstrated success in a variety of settings, building on strategies that we can repeat, modify, and scale. Public and private financing and risk tools will be essential to reaching our goal.

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This is an ambitious goal that we can only accomplish with your help. Please consider joining us to advance this important movement.